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  Hiddenworld News Updates:

[03/02/2014] Newly created characters are now restricted from talking in the Inn for the first 48 hours after the character has been created. This limitation can be lifted early by a Knight/Guardian under certain circumstances, and this new 'system' may evolve a bit going forward depending on how it works out. Feel free to talk to a Knight/Guardian on questions about this change!

[01/11/2014] Changes have been made to the Nobility application rules. Please read the re-write of section 5 in How To Play, and a sticky topic has been made in the public forum of the ghost mode message board about the change.

[09/09/2013] Mayors and Town Council Members can now set the forest fight limit of a town from the default 25 up to a maximum of 40.

[01/29/2012] Added a brief explanation of Ghost Mode to the "How to Play" page.

[04/24/2010] The default option for stat rolling during character creation was changed to "re-roll these stats".

[01/23/2010] All weapons are now one-handed again until two-handed weapon stats can be improved to compensate for not being able to equip a shield.

[11/23/2009] Latest updates:
- The (unintended) ability to equip a two-handed weapon at the same time as a one-handed weapon or a shield, is now fixed.
- The mage tower should now provide details on whether or not a particular weapon is one- or two-handed.
- The prices for pets have been altered, so that they now are more readily affordable, and thus offer a better cost-to-usefulness ratio.

[09/06/2009] Today's changes:
-The ability to equip weapons to your off-hand has now been implemented. Also many weapons are now recognized as being two-handed and can't be worn together with a shield. Tweaking is still being done to perfect this change, so please be patient.
-AI behavior has been upgraded, so the AI will choose better between spell or weapon attack.

[03/25/2009] You can now access the stables from the Town Map, and purchase a fine steed! The intended feature still isn't implemented, but for the time being, you may bring your Young Pony to the forest for battle.

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