H O W  T O   P L A Y
As the author of Hiddenworld, I want a game that continues to evolve based on the suggestions and directions of the people who play it.
Within the game there are two types of administrators, guardians and knights.
Guardians are appointed by me, and knights are elected (and potentially removed) by the Hiddenworld population.
These two types of administrators complement each other, and the following "how to play" section is written and updated by them.
Guide to Hiddenworld
Welcome to Hiddenworld!

Purchase your armor at the Armor Shop, and your weapons at the Weapon Shop. For players just starting, a Stick is often best so that you can also afford armor. The Weapon Shop is the only registered dealer of quality Sticks. Always remember to equip them in the Town Archives or else they'll be of no use to you.

To gain experience and gold, fight in the forest.

To heal yourself, you'll need to purchase potions at the Item Shop. The Health Drink is a cheap, reliable source of 50 health points throughout all of the levels. Potions may be consumed during combat, or in the forest before entering a fight.

In the bank, you can store the gold you have earned. There are many banks to choose from, with different features that affect your stored gold. Take a careful look!

The Inn is not only a place to rest, but also a place where you can meet a lot of other adventurers, who may share some of their experiences to help you get started in Hiddenworld. Being friendly and polite goes a long way.

A good idea is to check all buildings on the town map, in order to find out for yourself which building fulfills what function.
During your first days in this world, many would recommend staying in the town of Suraly, where all travelers begin their adventures. If you choose to leave Suraly before you are truly ready, the lands may be dangerous.

Have fun exploring Hiddenworld!


GHOST CHAT: Once you are finished with your daily work and rest in the inn or even, when you died during your labours and wait for the time at which the priests can ressurect you again, you may still enter the games inn as a ghost and talk to other adventurers there.

While a ghost you also have access to other parts of the game like the in-game forum.

You can access the inn chat as a ghost by going back to the main screen and ticking the 'ghost mode' box on login.


E'man rules



Game play is as follows. An initiative round is played in order to determine the order of play. The player who cast the highest card goes first, next highest goes second, etc.

This is followed by 8 rounds of play. The player who won the previous round plays the first card. Players must follow suit, unless they don't havea card of that suit, in which case they may play any card they wish.

The goal is to win as many rounds as possible (not including the initiative round).



There are 4 suits: Air, Earth, Fire, Water. Suit is depicted by the images. Mountains represent Earth, Flames represent Fire, the Waves are Water, and the little squiggly lines (hmm...) are Air...

There are 13 kinds: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Novice, Apprentice, Master and Elder, from lowest to highest.

A card may only be beaten by a card in the same suit. So the 6 of Earth will defeata 4 of Earth, but an Elder of Fire will not defeat a 4 of Earth.

Finally, the twist: The 2 and 3 cards are special. A 2 (Twae) may be played on a Novice or Apprentice of the same suit, and will defeat that card. A 3 (Treble) played ona Novice, Apprentice or Master of the same suit will win. However, after the card is played, a 4 or higher of the same suit will beat the 2 or the 3.



Radio buttons only show up under cards that may be legally played.


Rules of Hiddenworld

1. Chat/Forum behavior:

The following rules cover all areas in the game where players can post text.

a. Swearing is not allowed.
b. No overtly sexual language or actions, i.e. no 'cybersex'. Hiddenworld is a public place, so anything you would normally do in public is okay.
c. Spamming is not allowed, this includes: excessive use of caps, pointless or gibberish posts and ordering items from the inn excessively (5 times or more).
d. Advertising or posting the URL of any other online game is not allowed.
e. Personal attacks are not allowed. This would include: Deliberate, prolonged (and hurtful) name calling, deliberately provoking a fight (verbally) with another player (except when it's within a roleplay), or if anyone asks you to stop any form of personal comments, and you fail to do so.

2. Names (Characters and Teams):
a. No junk names, names must make some kind of sense as a name. This includes: Random characters, repeated characters, over use of caps, sentences or unacceptable modern names (famous people or modern items).
b. Names must not be offensive, either sexually, racially or use any word generally considered offensive.
c. Names may not mimic current player or team names.
d. Names used by the game may not be used, this includes: Town/province names, creation story names or titles used by the game like king, queen and monsters found in the forest fights.
e. Any name of an ex Admin, or that appears in the Hall of Legends (previous and current version) are disallowed with the exception of the original person re-creating their character.
f. If you need a name change you must apply to the Guardians/Knights, who will vote on your application. You must have a very good reason for anything more than a minor change or correction.

Any character at level 3 or below that violates these guidelines will be permanently banned. Characters at level 4 and above with names deemed inappropriate will be asked to change the name if they wish to continue using the character.

3. Alt interaction:

An 'Alt' is any character you own.

Any character you log into will also be considered an alt. And for a period for 1 week after you last logged into it.

Any parties engaging in login information sharing do so at their own risk, accepting any and all responsibility and/or consequences for rule infractions/infringements caused (with or without knowledge) by any of the other parties accessing the same set(s) of alts/characters as you.

a. Alts may not be on the same team at any time. A team containing alts may be disbanded.
b. You may not kill or attempt to kill an alt.
c. Alts may not marry.
d. Opening accounts at, or purchasing lottery tickets from your alts banks is forbidden.
e. Lords/Knights/Guardians cannot exile or ban an alt.
f. No more than 3 alts can vote in Uprisings or Knight Elections.

4. Lordships:
a. Lords cannot continuously die whether deliberate or not, or the King/Queen stay in Suraly, so the Lordship cannot be taken by other players.
b. A Lord can have no more than 5 characters banned from their province at any one time.
c. A character may make no more than 5 provincial bans in one game day.

Infringements of the above rules will result in the revoking of Lordship, and the loss of access to Lordships if it continues.

5. Privileged Guest and Nobility Status:
a. Players must be at least level 15 for PG, and level 30 for Nobility in order to request a status increase. Increased status is not automatic at these levels, an application must be sent to the Knights (Use the 'Inform the Knights' feature in the Palace).
b. Privileged Guest will be granted/denied by the first Knight to see the app. Nobility applications will be decided by a majority vote of all the Knights.
c. In making their decision the Knights will consider both the written application and any knowledge they have of the applicant, this may include: Previous characters, current alternate characters, chat and community behavior, in game achievements and any previous or current disciplinary actions.
d. Each Knight may use their own perspective in granting Nobility.
e. You should receive a reply within a week.
f. No more than 3 applications may be submitted for Nobility within a 6 month period.
g. PG and/or Nobility may be removed by a Guardian or Knight if just cause is found to remove the status.

6. Bugs:
a. Any character found exploiting any bug that gives your character or others an advantage that is obviously not intentional, will be banned.
b. Any bug found should be reported directly to Nick/Salocin.

7. Penalties:
a. For all infringements of the rules the penalties, in addition to those listed above will be as follows: At the first offense, there shall be a warning whether done verbally or through a scribe. At the second offense, there shall be a three day temporary banning. At the third offense the person responsible shall be permanently banned.
b. Depending on the severity of the offense the acting Guardian/Knight may skip any of the above levels of penalties as they see fit.


WARNING: Hiddenworld automatically erases characters that have been inactive for extended periods of time. This window of ‘auto-deletion’ extends as you progress further in the game.
Level 1 (no EXP) – Auto-deletion in 3 days
Level 1 (with EXP) – 7 days
Level 2+ – 30 days


Q: What do those stats mean? I'm confused!
Strength: How strong your character is. The higher this stat, the more damage you can dish out with weapons.
Dexterity: This determines how well your character can dodge attacks and how accurate when attacking.
Constitution: This stat determines how many hitpoints you gain when you level up.
Intelligence: How powerful and accurate the mage spells are when cast.
Wisdom: How powerful and accurate the priest spells are when cast.
Charisma: This effects how much things cost your character in the stores.
Under 10: Completely Hopeless.
11-13: Poor, bordering on bad.
14-16: Average.
17-18: Great!
19+: Godlike.

Q: What are the character classes?
A: There are currently 7 character classes:
Fighter: Balanced class that can specialize in weapons
Rogue: Balanced magic user who can travel further than most
Mage: Player class with powerful attack magic
Priest: Player class with powerful defensive magic
Ranger: Fighter with some attack spells
Paladin: Religious fighter with some defensive spells
Barbarian: High attack and hitpoints at the cost of defence.

Q: How do I earn World Reputation?
A: By getting a better status within the game. Here's each of the "ranks" and how much World Rep they earn daily:
Elder Guardian-0
Privileged Guest-1
Town Council-1
It should also be noted that Nobles, Lords, Knights can all earn one extra point of world rep by creating a bank.

Q: In the preferences, what's the difference between Aggressive, Paranoid, Balanced and Defensive?
A: These determine how often your character will drink a potion when fighting with a team in the forest or being attacked by other players while offline. Aggressive sets your character to drink potions rarely. Good if you think your character won't die easily and you'd like to conserve potions. Balanced sets you to be just that. Your character will drink potions, but won't wait too long/too soon. Defensive: Your character will drink potions more quickly. Paranoid will make your character drink a potion as soon as it takes damage and is best used ONLY if you don't think you can survive in forest fights with team-mates.

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