G   I N T E R F A C E


In short, there's no relevant progamming info here anymore. If you want to know something about programming you can always just send email and ask. If you want to help with the programming of hiddenworld, you better know what you're doing.

The Bad News

Although the plugin capability was added as early as 1997, due to lack of interest and the extra code it requires, I have decided to scrap it. For this reason the existing "Other Places" will be entirely removed from the town map in the new version (as of June 1st 1999). Of course if you've still got questions or suggestions about the programming involved for this game, feel free to send them to me! -- Nick.

What Extensions Mean to Players:

Extensions mean expandability. They mean a game that will continue growing in depth, breadth and complexity. An extension may represent an entirely different world where players may adopt entirely different personas. Imagine: finishing fighting monsters in the forest, and entering a gladiator arena, putting aside your usual weapon and armours and donning new and exciting equipment, facing strange new enemies with fiersome abilities, collecting experience and money for every win. Betting on other gladiators (or even yourself). All this is possible with the modular design of RPG extensions.

What Extensions Mean to Developers:

If you are familiar with CGI programming, this is your chance to add to HiddenWorld. Your extension represents your work, and you will have the admiration and gratitude of all users each and every time they enjoy the fruits of your hard work and effort. Contribute to the scope of a truly unique internet gaming experience.

Extension Capabilities

Your extension can run from any server in the world.
It can pass any information on a player.
The model implements security to avoid hacking.
The extension can represent a completely indepent world.
The only limits to the extension are your imagination.

Available Player Parameters

Money on hand / in bank.
Team name.
Experience / Level.
All player statistics (charisma / constitution / etc).
Player Class / Alignment.
Player mana / maxmana.
Player hitpoints / maxhitpoints.
Weapon / Armours.
Essentially, any stored statistic is available.

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