Hall of Legends - Gimli

On 03/21/2001, Gimli decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


nobilityPrivileged Guest
charactergood dwarf fighter

And now I shall join everyone in the Heavens where I shall rest in peace as I have accomplished my goal: reaching lev.15!!!........ I would like to thank the team that took me in: BURNING RAGE!!! as they have been so kind to me... I took the path of God and shall betray him and follow the neutral path at Total Reset, but I shall always be the lovable dwarf Gimli, who will be small but will always have a big gigantic Axe behind him on his back to hack at people who try to steal his treasure..... lol.....may god bless us all... anyways Hiddenworld has been great and I will be back at Total Reset, BYE HIDDENWORLD!!!........ *flaps wings* *flys off into the Heavens**hits a cloud cause he wasn't looking and falls back down to earth* DAMNIT!!! WHAT THE ****, DAMN CLOUD!!! jeez man, it's like they don't want me jeez what's the matter with em!!! *flys off quickly and zips through the gates of Heaven*