Hall of Legends - Mandarin Darkheart

On 2008/12/11, Mandarin Darkheart decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level355 days
Characterevil human rogue

What can I say about Mandarin Darkheart. He's the second version of Mandark, created with better stats of course. I recreated this character with the intent of two personal goals. The first personal goal was to complete a character in under a year. Though this has probably been done by many players; learning how to do this on my own and going through the trials and tribulations to get to Lv100 in such a manner has made me a better player. My second personal goal was to create a tougher, more damage resistant rogue. To do that, I made it a mission to achieve an HP of 3000+ at Lv 100. I can tell you with great pride that at Lv100, I achieved an HP of 3019 with only 18 Con and of course the use of Con Rings per level up. This proves that Rogues can be strong. Though they may not be the best class on HW, they can be quite effective if created and used properly. I myself will continue to create rogues for my own personal enjoyment. Being in such a rush to achieve my goals, I unwittingly placed myself on the fastest learner's since Lv10 to this very day. He constantly shifted from position 1 to 10 on that list, but he always remained on that list. Though, once he is halled, his name will be wiped off the list, this can be marked off as another achievement for Mandarin. Top 10 Fastest Learners Name Avg relative EXP per Day 1. Zaces Sorrowing 3276 2. novoye 3038 3. Mandark 2980 4. Scheherazade 2923 5. Numbskull 2824 6. Quentin Tralan 2791 7. Mandarin Darkheart 2773 8. Ulfer Wulfsbaine 2773 9. Akira Rayel 2741 10. Valeria 2654 As much as I can boast on how I did so much, I could not have done this without my beautiful, adoring wife, Cataclysma the Calm. She is honestly the best thing that has happened to me on HW. She did not have to stay at Lv23 to wait for my Lv1 self to catch up to her level. She did not have to stay with me all the way to Lv100. She didn't even have to get to know me, or humor my cornball jokes, or give me such great advice IRL. She's been there for me more than you would ever know IG and IRL and I thank you for that Cata. Even as we speak, she is waiting for my newly created Mandark to get up to Lv100. She never had to do any of this, but she chose to do it anyway. I may never know the answer to why she does this for me, but I do appreciate everything she is doing for me and has done for me. Thank you. And on that note. I would like to proudly place this character where he rightfully belongs. Amongst the legends of Hiddenworld.