Hall of Legends - Valeria

On 2009/01/21, Valeria decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
Her spirit remains, though, and her deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level350 days
Charactergood human fighter

When I was created on 12/04/2007, I never dreamed that I would fight my way to L100...and in less than a year. I had been playing Hiddenworld for less than a week...and knew nothing about it. But I fought in the forest, dorms, and inns...and lost more fights than I won...at first. Then I discovered Taplar's Veil of Dreams and the Dark Tower...and read absolutely everything I could find that would help me progress...including much that I didn't understand until I been around Hiddenworld for many more months. Many have helped me during this time...Alegoran, who I'm sure doesn't remember the young L24 lass who came to the Inn one night and asked for help in finding a husband; Zak Duath, who courted me as a result of Ale's posting that request and who became my first husband and teammate...and was later divorced by me because of my failings, not his; and Steve the Avenger, the husband whom I learned from, supported, and accompanied during our drive to L100. Thanks to you all. Now I go to join Steve the Avenger in the Hall of Legends...where I will watch future generations of Hiddenworld fighters and magic users, and wonder if a new Valeria may perhaps someday be born.