Hall of Legends - Phedra

On 2009/08/19, Phedra decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
Her spirit remains, though, and her deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level642 days
Characterevil troll priest

I have finished what I started. Farewell to those that I have battled with along the way. Ryvn for being my first patient teacher in a team and for cursing at me repeatedly to use the correct swords in The Fallen. Iubar for being the first to try to teach me and giving me some starting pointers that kept me going. Walach for being a true friend. Kadayn for muffins, giggles and dragging this alts sorry behind when I couldn't bother to log in. Roxy...for being Roxy,I cant write about him here, Nick would have to edit it. Alegoran, for being hours of insane rping, taunting me with his endless gold and being a friend. Van...and his many alts, for being an amazing friend even still, and rp partner to the wee hours of the morning. Owen...for being Owne...cheers luv Helen and Flametongue...rock on Nova Scotia, you two are awesome and thanks for the tips, laughter and plots. Vengent...for his Rawrs and drunken attempts at chat Nemo for his insanity, his...insanity and well all the trouble we got into.... and it goes on and on, but first and foremost, to Kain who has gone on before, my best friend, teammate, lover and husband. To think we met in a game and now we have a lifetime together. I love you