Hall of Legends - Timonia

On 2009/06/07, Timonia decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
Her spirit remains, though, and her deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level471 days
Charactergood half-elf rogue

Im here together with so many honourable people. My journey to reach this place has been long, but did not wind all too much. It has been both a pleasure and joy, usually interesting, but sometimes just a tiny little bit dull. All together though, I'm very proud and happy to be here. In the very beginning I was so anxious, so afraid I didn't have what it would take---but I did. I did have it, and even now, I remember those days. The first time I got killed, I felt so offended, so hurt, I didn't know why. Indeed, the first time I paid the Inn keeper to be able to kill someone weaker then me, I sought forgiveness within my heart for days after. *Smiles while the memories slowly return* Sweet memories, but they are not alone. The first time I was attacked, and I defeated them; the first time I was attacked and they ran away. That's when I really started to really enjoy the life I had been given. Some say even now that I need thicker skin, but compared to how it was back then, I would say that I've toughened to an elephant's hide. I also remember my ongoing problems with the rings: namely which ones to wear on different occasions. Then again, I never was the sort of girl who was good with jewelry. When I reached level 10, I met Asmodeon, and he was everything I could wish for. He gave me everything. He was kind, and always willing to share his knowledge and wisdom simply because he wanted to see my own grow; see me develop skills. Maybe I wasnt as much a success as you wanted, but Asmo... I owe you so much. Then came Wooglin. Oh Dear, I really hope you are ok. You gave me a new reason to go on and we had so much fun. I'm still sad, not knowing what happend to you... I took my last steps toward 100 alone--well not completely. I had the best team, Manifest Destiny, and the best teammates one could ever wish for. Vain.. so thoughtfull and friendly, devoted and helpfull.. take care of our boys Sweetie. Maverick, what can I say? You have been my lifeline so many times. At times when I needed, you pulled me up and with no mercy, you forced me to face reality. And remember the silly rings... you never gave me an easy time, I always had to think and try to understand the purpose with the different ones.. And today Dear, I can honestly say that I know the different between a con ring and a necklace. Just before I hit 100, my life became complete in the best possible way. Taran..so generous and balanced, he was the rock that I clung to. He was always there for me, always happy to see me, so wise and so good at heart. Thanks for everything My Dear. There is alot of people that I would like to thank, in fact more or less everyone. You all contributed to make my journey special, and afraid as I am of forgetting anyone, I just say a huge thanks to all of you . *Blows a kiss in the direction she thinks the Hiddenworld lays.* I do however want to give my respect and love to one person, the one that convinced me that I should enter HW, the one that, from day one, has been there and answered all my silly questions with the same patience every time. Robin, I love you to bits .