Hall of Legends - Venom

On 2010/12/29, Venom decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level547 days
Characterevil dwarf priest

Venom was given to me at level 26 as a visitor with almost no money. Although I did not roll Venom myself I am very proud of his very good stats just because he can cause some serious damage because of his great stats. I played him all the way to level 100, made him a noble and got him lots of money. Venom got to level 100 alone for the most part. Later Venom teamed with Flyn Mercurial to form Secret Initiation, which is now the number 10 team of Hiddenworld. Also Venom is in 15th place of Hiddenworlds most player murders list. I want to thank Flyn Mercurial simply for teaming with Venom and being a good comrade and friend. Flyn Mercurial will now be the only member of Secret Initiation so now the full responsibility is on you. Maybe you can climb that list a little more and probably make Secret Initiation the number 9 or 8 team of Hiddenworld. However Venoms final resting place will be this hall of legends. It was great playing Venom but now he has to leave this world. So goodbye Venom. I will miss you.