Hall of Legends - Widowmaker

On 2011/05/20, Widowmaker decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level485 days
Characterevil half-elf priest

The King returned to find an empty, lifeless world thus it's time to retire. Regarded as one of the top killers HW has ever seen, I never found a married couple that couldn't be killed by yours truly. Armed with a slick group of assassins such as Widow, Orion the Hunter (autodeleted fighter w/ 1500+ PKs) and Narcissus (autodeleted mage w/ 1500+ PKs), I tormented all players for sheer entertainment. Throw in some good smack talk and some clever innuendo and that would sum up my play here. I never played the role of sheep as joining cliques was a sign of weakness; I fought everyone, friends included. I want to thank all players for contributing to my amusement (and disgust) to make HW a neat place ages ago. Special thanks to Nick for providing a great place to play. I've accomplished all that could be done including being a Knight as Orion. Time to move on and erect that golden statue in the Hall of Fame. -Widow