Hall of Legends - Helen Darksoul

On 2010/02/21, Helen Darksoul decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
Her spirit remains, though, and her deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level1100 days
Characterevil human mage

There are a few that I would like to thank. First of all, to the ones that created Helen Darksoul. She was not mine, but I was given her around the level of 30. From there, I took her and made her my own. Over the last 3 years, she has been Knighted 3 times. And I have enjoyed every bit of it. Narcissus, You.. out of everyone has made this character fun to have. I have had a blast in our little back and forth pokes.. You took my eye, but I think I have your heart in my pocket somewhere. Great fun. And I will miss the many times I awoke with you having maimed me in some way. Ra, thanks for marrying this old bitty. To bad it did not last longer than this. Of all the characters that I have played, Helen has by far been the most fun and enjoyable. I hope you all enjoy those 12 100Mil grants I gave, as that was 3 hard years of collecting funds! I also want to say thanks to my bank members for trusting me with your gold. And last but not least, my RL husband, Steve, for getting me involved in HW oh so long ago. Loves you. ~Helen