Hall of Legends - Kumani Tiasale

On 2008/11/01, Kumani Tiasale decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
Her spirit remains, though, and her deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level510 days
Charactergood half-elf rogue

I am weary, the constant battles of this mortal flesh have risen once more to claim one more. I am Kumani Tiasale, proud wife of Walach, and team leader of Shattered Hope. To Tharkel, whose name does not grace these hallowed halls but should, his name lost in the mists of time, but never forgotten, I honour you, and will forever keep your strength in my heart. To Isaura Solana, you were an amazing teammate and brought laughter as well as your gracious wealth to support us, I will see you in the Realm thereafter when your time comes, but till then, be strong. Kelos Rhen, you were strength, power, amusement and still you carry on, I am honoured that you chose my team to rise with and will always cherish your friendship. And finally, to Walach, my friend, my husband, teammate and one who became more beyond the confines of a team. You did what they swore you couldn't, and I am proud. You were the first to roleplay with me, when I first stepped into this world, my first teammate and now a deep friend whom I cherish and am utterly proud of. Shattered Hope rests now in your hands, a mantle that will fade away when your moment comes to step through these hallowed halls and once more into my arms, an eternity in glorious battle together. And now...the halls reach out to me and I must depart...and do so as I entered this world, naked, blessed only with the few coins the gods chose for me. ~Kumani Tiasale~ Shattered Hope To shatter the hope within your mind rekindle the dread in your heart