Hall of Legends - Natasha Daebreak

On 2005/11/14, Natasha Daebreak decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
Her spirit remains, though, and her deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level1377
Charactergood human mage

Natasha awoke, to find that she had begun to fade away. When the gods had pulled her from the future, a future timeline which no longer existed, thanks to her actions, they Natasha it could be days, months or even (as was the case) years before time corrected it self and erased her existence. Still, Natasha had no regrets, for the few years she enjoyed in the present day were the most enjoyable of her life. Best of all, she also got to meet her father Sac Daebreak, who was dead in her timeline. Almost gone now, Natasha thought of her team, Heroes of Light. The memory of her friends and allies filled her with warmth, and a smile crossed her face. She now knew that it was time, time for time to correct itself fully. Closing her eyes, Natasha closed her eyes, letting oblivion take her...though leaving the memories of her time in the Hiddenworld with all that she had met. (ooc: Big thanks to my little sis Ruri, who played Natasha for me for a bit. Some of you knew this character when it was played by her. Man, it has taken AGES to level Natasha to level 100 and Iím glad itís finally done! -Sac)