Hall of Legends - Shadowpounce

On 2008/11/02, Shadowpounce decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
Her spirit remains, though, and her deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level345 days
Characterevil half-elf rogue

Hiddenworld, it is time that I fade into the shadows from whence I came. Kain, my true husband, best friend and lover, I thank whatever guiding hand it was that brought us to this game and eachother, and am grateful that though I might leave a game, I am always at home in your arms and in love with the man that is my strength, encouragement and protector, even if you have to protect me against myself. Cadtalfryn Gwalchgwyn, my husband, teammate, often atagonist and the reason why I stayed in this game two years ago rather then becoming frustrated and wandering away...I am honoured that you allowed me into your team, that you were patient enough to teach me and willing enough to accept my own help. I had fun, we had our ups and downs, but in the end, regardless you are still a friend. I will miss our kills, the hunts and being able to kick ass while you healed me, you helped me prove what a well statted rogue can do. Walach, my little angel and encourager, I am proud of you and am thankful that you let me into your life to be a friend, to listen and accept my compassion and well I suppose motherly love...and in turn, your own support, encouragement and protection of myself...I know you are destined for great things, never let others tell you otherwise. Kadayn, Roxy, Great Wolf, Helen Darksoul, Steve the Avenger, Nemesis, I add you to the list of amazing friends I have developed here, and thank you all for well...being you. Roleplayers...Alegoran, Max, Lady Desolee...I had so much fun in some of the wierd things that we got into, thank you. Vhan...there were many sleepless nights as you and I battled it out, physically, verbally...a battle of roleplaying and wits. Thankyou for giving such a fertile ground to my imagination and being willing to be a part of my stories. Vampire Hunter D...rp noob you are not, you were my first roleplay partner and most certainly the best ever, thanks for being the encouraging step to stay in a game that confused me. And now...the shadows fall and I go on to the other side. I will see you here one day Cad, but until then, fight well and I am honoured to have fought at your side. The Fallen was and always will be the team that tempered me in the fire and created my life here on HW. Without that...maybe I would never have met my husband...who knows. I thank you and wish you the best. Farewell, I offer my coins to the Ferryman, for I know my journey truly, is just beginning.