Hall of Legends - Aphrodite

On 2004/04/16, Aphrodite decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
Her spirit remains, though, and her deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level519
Characterneutral half-elf rogue

I just want to say how wonderful it has been to play with such a spirited group of people. So many people, with so much heart - that is what makes this game tick, and what I'll remember about it forever. I can't say that I won't be back, because, well, you just shouldn't say things like that :) I hope to be back, someday, when I have more time, more to contribute, and more ideas for RPing! I certainly hope to see many of you, still playing, still RPing, still enjoying the hell out of this great game. I know I sure did. Thanks so much - everyone - for the great times. And thanks, Nick, for making this game, through which I have met so many awesome people. I'm glad I could be a part, and I'm glad I could help you, in my own small way.