Hall of Legends - Ember Pyros

On 2007/10/07, Ember Pyros decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level366
Charactergood elf priest

Its time for Ember Pyros and his name to become untouchable, Embers journey was not easy as a matter of fact it was bloody hard :) and it makes me the more proud to have ahchieved it. No one played as hard the CD's and had to battle through what we went through to make it this far, we gave as good as we got and more but i didnt do it on my own. There are many i need to thank along the way for their contribution in many situations good and bad that helped Forged the Way Ember Pyros came out. Najy, Gandalf, Jen, Cadtalfryn(dude, im proud you became a Deviant:)), Lady K, Steve and Naomi, Mithos, Reyn, Rosaline. And of course all the Deviants :D you guys helped me through my lowest and shared my highest moments :) Last but no way the least the Team Members of Conclave Deviants, WB and Jack. WB weve been through alot and said all we wanted to say but to add to all that, keep ya head up chicka. Jack jack jack :D, always my right hand man and i yours look at what we have done my friend and all in a short time. Youve kept Ember going for as long as he had and im proud to call you my brother ;). My last words...... " You see i never set out to cause ripples... i set out to rip shit up!" ~Ember Pyros