Hall of Legends - Yersinia Pestis

On 2007/06/12, Yersinia Pestis decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
Her spirit remains, though, and her deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level277
Characterevil half-elf priest

Finally the time has come. Yersinia Pestis left hiddenworld to settle somewhere else in a -80 freezer of one of those rare ML-4 laboratories... During her time, she gathered and lead four of the strongest fighters of her time and combined them to possibly the strongest force hiddenworld had seen to that date: Black Death. Together, they leveled up at top speed, never leaving the fastest learners list until they reached the ultimate level. Black Death is currently the fourth highest team at hiddenworld with 455 wins and 31 losses obtained in 409 days of playing. For this, I have to thank a few people, namely Black Death: Mithos: You were a great player and possibly the best priest hiddenworld has ever known. It was an honour to play with you and experience your dedication. In tough times you really pulled the team through. Ginger Root: I thank you for trusting us, for experiencing this game with us. When you left this realm due to betrayal of your trust in someone else, all of Black Death mourned, for you were a great and dedicated player as well as a very good shopper. Felicity: You and I did not play much together, since I was already quite in retreat when you filled up the spot Ginger Root left vacant. I thank you for doing that, for stabilizing our team at that moment and make sure that Black Death would be as successful and aggressive in play as they will be remembered being. Beulenpest: My husband, my partner in plague. Together we faced it. You and I, the first two members of Black Death. It has not always been easy, and it has cost a lot of time and clicking to get there, but we did so... as a couple. Married at the 12th of June, we go at the 12th of June. Our birthday, our symbol. People, please remember me. Not as a lazy char, sleeping in the inn every day, but as the leader of Black Death!!! I salute you, YP