Hall of Legends - Morgoth Dawndeth

On 2007/06/19, Morgoth Dawndeth decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level410
Characterevil half-elf priest

The Dark Lord returned a year ago at the request of many players seeking justice against the Guadians, Daimonicus and Wildfire. They wanted to see a change against the tryanny of the alt bearers in Gandalf, Kadayn, SharaZae, and Jackson of the Royal Family. I created the Alliance and the Dark Tower to combat these forces and we were successful. We removed the Royals from power and brought the game to democracy and for the people. Rules were changed at our pushing and we did everything we said we would. Alliance Knights were put in and finally Morgoth was Knighted. The Guardians did all they could to prevent me from seeing their words and attempts over time to ban me from their precious Royal Halls. I know these people for who they are. Beware Hiddenworld, the Guardians will make changes to this game that aren't in your best interest. Morgoth will always be the baine of those who oppress the people and rule without thought of others and freedom. I have many people to thank, Saint, Dante, Calin, Ember, Taplar, Deimos, Widow, Atlantis, Epona, Hildago, Mr. P, and any others i'm leaving out. You all made it work. Ryvn you were a Benedict till the end and I enjoyed beating you around and buying your votes against your friends. The Dark Tower Vault was the best bank in all the lands and now it's closed for good. I made a Knight in this version just like the Old Version. This time it was more to say to the Guardians - "You lost". You cannot defeat me but you can strip me of my powers as you are trying to do with Lords, Knights and rule changes in the works. Morgoth will always be remembered as the one who led the fight against Tyranny of the Admin. The death of the RoF was most welcomed to my soul. The Dark Tower will go on and you have lost the battle of the minds for people. I go now to write and complete stories that should be done. Deimos Phobos, is the best hope now for fairness and change in the game in favor of the people. He will be fair to you all and hopefully he can fight against those who seek to make the game less fun. Always remember, Morgoth is here. Waiting for the day to return and fight once more to remove the Dictators and those who suppress the normal players of this game. It's been a great ride and I told you bastards I would do it. And I did. I go now to the Dark Tower and await the time of when Nick makes the necessary changes to the game to allow it to once more have Admin who know how to make this game better for everyone.