Hall of Legends - sandesnow

On 2007/08/23, sandesnow decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
Her spirit remains, though, and her deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level488
Charactergood half-elf fighter

*They approach the Great Hall with as much determination as when they began their journey, knowing this is the beginning of the end.. The time to rest their weapons and armour, along with their souls. They are ready. As they enter, they stop, turning to each other, taking one another by the hand, to reflect their adventures. It has been a long road. They have had many setbacks along the way, along with many helping hands. They remember their cherished teammates…Flametongue, prior to Knighthood, and his precious wife Galadriel, along with the crazy Jasonhearne. These three were the first to join forces with them to make the team Hand Of Justice an experience beyond their wildest imagination. As time changed, so did their team mates. The last two members to join forces with them were the ever witty Darkringer and the beautiful Dragonstrafe, whom helped make sense of the sometimes maddening land of Hiddenworld. A deep breath and they are ready to take these final steps. As they make their way to their final resting place, oddly, the sounds of their footsteps are muffled by the feel of past warriors in the Hall, as the warriors souls seem to caress them. At the end of the Hall, their Armour and Weapons were replaced by Velvet and Wine. Their souls finally set at ease.* There are many of whom need thanking. Vlad. Thank you for being kind and taking pity on a noob. Even thought you were unable to take Vendetta to the end, we made sure he made it, keeping them together till the end. Steve, without you, sandesnow and Vendetta would not have seen L100, nor would I have kept at this game. Unfortunately this led to the team having to split. Thanks for keeping me interested. Morg, you make things a true adventure. Deimos, I have never seen someone post so much. (He he) Jasonherne, you make one hell of an enemy. Dragon, you kept me sane at so many times. Thank you. Iranicus, you have had your ups and downs, but you came around.. ;) Iubar, although you are no longer here, you will always be remembered. Dante, you are the best. Saint, I wish you all the luck in the future. You deserve it. Sagrawa.. such knowledge awe’s me. Widow, you will always be the charmer. Don’t ever change. P-nut, as always you make me laugh. We need more like you. Storme, such insanity for such a small game, huh? ;) Ryvn, you crack me up. (lol) Ember, you too, make this game interesting. And to anyone I am leaving out, thank you. I leave you all on my creators birthday. Remember all….Happy Hunting. ~sandesnow ~~~P.S. Long Live Snad. -The Licker-. Jackson. :p~~~