Hall of Legends - Jolly Jack

On 2007/11/05, Jolly Jack decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level492
Characterevil troll barbarian

I decided to finish with the team I originally. The Fearless Faction. My first team consisted of a short time player Leander, Steve the Avenger and his alt (at different times of course), Eponah Sekorah and Morgoth Dawndeth. After about half the game levels I joined up with Vengent on the team Legends, we went to about level 90, than I joined the Demons of the Black Dawn with Dante Scythe and completed the journey to level 100. I would than join the Sovereign Order with Atlantis, Esplin, Ethereal Waters and Vengent. I would like to thank all these ladies and gents who helped me during my voyage. Also a mention goes to my brief marriage with Galadriel. I also would like to thank the Alliance for making this game an amazing experience that helped keep me addicted and created some bonds of friendship. They supported me in town council and mayor races, but more importantly they always had my back. Without the Alliance this game would really be a lot of boring point and click with no real goals. The goals and joys get tougher to find too because Hiddenworld seems to be moving in a negative direction, as features and competition get removed. Very little gets added. Hopefully this will change and the players will have their voice recognized and listened to. The game is in serious need of fun new options or else the older players will start to get bored and leave. Sad, but true. I can mention so many other players that helped like Mithos and Saint and Taplar and Mr P. A list that could go on for a long time. I say thanks to all (just in case I forgot somebody) and this is my final goodbye. I keep with me a couple coins, so when death finds me, the ferryman will have his token and take me across the final river to my eternal rest. I leave a king among kings, however I stand in a separate more select company still. A Lord among the Dark Lords, always watching, keepers of knowledge, a true power that cannot be stopped.