Hall of Legends - Gorak

On 2006/11/01, Gorak decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level796
Characterevil troll fighter

It feels like the beginning of the end, so that's where I'll start. I didn't create Gorak, he became mine at level 67, and for that reason I decided not to pursue gaining privileged guest and nobility status with him. Instead, I simply focused on finishing what someone started long ago, which was to reach level 100 with him. Shortly after getting Gorak, I joined the team Angel of Despair. My teammates being: Onslaught, Gun Griffin, and Avelyn. I stayed with them for many levels until the team eventually fell apart. I then leveled up on my own, until getting recruited into the team Honor of the Realm when I was level 95. My teammates being: Adeara, Eventine Elessidil, and later Meagan Stormrider. At present, I am a member of Path of Rage with Tari Celebrindal and Jaxx. I am thankful for my teammates, whom I count as friends. We've experienced much, good times as well as bad. Maybe this soul of mine will be fortunate enough to meet you all in another life, but alas, we all live to die...and this Hall now bids me rest within it's walls. - Gorak // I dedicate this character to Onslaught, whom was the one brought Gorak into my life. Thank you for sharing your Hiddenworld experiences with me. =S=