Hall of Legends - Merlin

On 2012/04/29, Merlin decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level1660 days
Charactergood half-elf priest

There was a time when this community was large, vibrant and welcoming, when there was so much fun to be had in simply sitting around and chatting with everyone. For some people, myself included, the game itself always took a backseat to the inn, or more accurately Ghost Mode. I have quite a few happy memories from the time I've spent here, and I've made some of the best friends a guy could ask for. This is why watching Hiddenworld degrade over the years has been a rather sad experience for me. Despite various attempts by its players to breathe life back into it, 'tis never enough--and I doubt that it ever will be. I've said that I will remain here until the day Hiddenworld dies, and after giving it much consideration, I believe that day has already come and gone. The site remains, but the spirit died so long ago. For some time, I've held on to the hope that it might rise, miraculously, from the ashes.. but I can do so no longer. To those who made Hiddenworld like a home to me, thank you for the memories. To those who actively tried to tear the community apart, thank you for your amusingly asinine antics. To Nick, the man who made this all possible, thank you for everything.. and I hope that someday you see fit to either have a hand in resurrecting this place or give it a decent burial.