Hall of Legends - Emichra

On 2006/01/20, Emichra decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level683
Charactergood elf mage

Itís been a long session, but I feel my time is up now. With so much going on for myself in real life something had to give and unfortunately it has to be this game. I had considered only retiring Emichra and completing the septet (all seven classes) but it is too time consuming with what lies ahead of me in real life (family, future family, and even a wedding!) Therefore, the choice I have made is to wrap things up now. Emichra was the second mage to finish at L100, but he was the first to finish without the aid of being NPCed. During Emichraís time he held all of the provinces as Lord at least once (not all at once, you get my drift), was a part of the success of Burning Rage that overtook the Warlords of Shaolin to become the number one team, was elected into office as a Knight, held six consecutive terms as mayor of the capital (Waterford, for over 250 days), and finished with an uprising record of 2-1 (the third uprising being one some people wonít forget *lol*) and 1-0 as knight. I made a promise that I would list Powers That Be as the team that I was part of but unfortunately that has not occurred (my apologies). I believe itís important to go back to Emichraís roots and this was the team that helped establish Emichra in the game. During a time where I was inactive I was forced to drop from the team, then it slowly disintegrated. Thank you to all the people I teamed up with in the earlier periods of this game. Kitsune Kage, MoonSword, Johan, Ivan and others who briefly joined the side. In the earlier days we enjoyed our competition against the Lords of Chaos, Coven, and The Feldar Below in the southern provinces (Fodros and Corollia) before the change to forest fights occurred. Thanks also to RAís Raiders for helping me in the latter stages of the game as I made my way to L100 (especially Gandalf with the occasional funds here and there, the armour and weapons were a killer in the gold department!). After making L100 the offer was put forward by Wildfire if I wanted to join the team Burning Rage. Even though my intentions were to overthrow Wildfire as King I decided otherwise and joined up and itís a choice I havenít regretted. Everyone has supported each other in many roles in the game. Weíve all supported Wildfire as King by banding strongly together in the capital, the team has also helped myself to six consecutive terms as mayor of the captial, weíve assisted Avelyn and Creusa to town council positions. People may think itís not that great a deal, but can you tell me where any other team has had their members assume the positions of Lord, Mayor and Town Council (2 positions at that)? Thatís been a part of Burning Rageís domination in the game as well as being the top team with the most wins and the best record in terms of teams. The only other person I havenít thanked from the side is Sac Daebreak, so I tip my hat to you for creating and having skippered such a great team. Emichraís first wife Lazuli. I certainly hope you get the chance to read this, because you have been a very important player in this game! Lazuli was the last character for Emichra to RP with before retiring. She was probably the most reliable in terms of trust with Emichra, and there arenít too many people that Emichra would trust completely. Take care of the magic, and hopefully their son may make an appearance some day. ;-) To Avelyn. You are another player whose contributions to the role playing aspects are absolutely vital. I donít think all the players that sit around, and/or do nothing while waiting, get to appreciate all the aspects of the RP world. Certainly your efforts have been incredible, and you are a player who would be missed greatly if you were to leave Hiddenworld. I hope to still remain in contact with you every now and then. Ruri Hoshino (who also played Natasha Daebreak). I would not have discovered this game if it hadnít been for you parading your level status on MSN *lol*. Thanks for getting me hooked! Thank you to all those people I have RPed with. I was planning on listing all the people that I have been involved with in terms of RP but the list would be too long! All those people know who I am referring to, and again I say thanks. My goal in Hiddenworld since I joined early 2002 has not just been to try and achieve the ultimate status, become the strongest, or the wealthiest. It has been to contribute to the game, and bring forth new suggestions and ideas. This game has taken some remarkable steps forward from when I first began and I hope it does continue to move forward. I hope people enjoy their Hiddenworld experience as much as I did! Thank you. ^_^ ďEven though he left the realms, there was still something that remained. One could not put their finger on it at first, but soon their eyes would fall upon their discovery. Rumoured to be lost, remnants of what he created were to be found.Ē