Hall of Legends - Fire Bison

On 2007/08/16, Fire Bison decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level1887
Charactergood human fighter

Well the time has come, For FB to enter the Hall, It was a long road to the top since FB was given to me, It was a fun journey, Took me long enough!!! FB has the worst stats i have ever played, So to those whome i beat in combat...You really do suck... I would like to thank The Alliance for takeing me back after i had a cry about something that happened, I left in a Bad way, But returned to regain some good Friends, Morg i would like you to keep up the good Fight, You injoy this game and i can see you doing even more great things for HW, I would like to thank Sande and Flame for always being good pals to me, TR, Well what can a say, TR are the best team i have ever been apart of,Apart from Kaotic Wariors, TR will be number 1!!! There are many more i would like to thank, But i just dont have the time... FB was once a Siska character, I took control of FB and took him to the top, Siska is and always will be a great friend to me in HW, Most of my Freinds left HW long ago, And it is time for FB to join the only member of Kaotic Wariors to make it to the hall, Boy Duck,He was a great friend and was a great team mate. So i leave with good friends and noble enemy's, Have fun HW...Iran will live anouther day, He will not leave HW intill he has reached level 100, So FB says Farewell....... If i made any Spelling mistakes, Please remember, That i havnt been able to spell for the last 7 years....