Hall of Legends - Isen Creed

On 2008/01/14, Isen Creed decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level407
Charactergood troll paladin

Today I, Isen Creed, follow the steps of my sister and enter into the Hall of Legends. I wasn't the first of the new Class of Paladin to enter into the Hall of Legends, but I am one of the first few created and that reached level 100. I believe that I have wandered the Realm enough now. My heart and memories long for past times with my friends, family, and team. I would like to thank Leotren Axalia, husband to my sister Alexa, you better be treating her well in the afterlife or you'll be answering to me. Thanks to Drendali and Skrii Riveen, there was never a dull moment, thanks for the adventures. Alexa, my sister, sorry that in life you felt me a cold hearted...erm...person. I was never as free with emotions as you. Last but certainly not least, my thanks to Gun Griffen. Due to circumstances, we weren't able to reach level 100 together, but you still remained very much a part of the team in our thoughts. - Isen // Facts: Team: HW The Next Generation 100 138 74 1. Bank: Heavenly Forest Bank. // I dedicate this character to Gun Griffin and Alexa, most of all. Gun Griffin, I would never have been created if not for you. Alexa, for making me a part of your intertwining story of Sister and Brother. =S=