Hall of Legends - Kuami

On 2003/09/08, Kuami decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level524
Characterneutral troll fighter

Where to begin..where to begin..well for starters let me say a special thanks to few people that made me be where I am today: My crew..Gester whom was a "leader" of the team even if I found the team and and recruited the members. The beautiful Rei/Daim who always seem to find the things I say funny. *could be because of his poo' spelling* Soul Harvester..what about him? Well I didn't know much as of our timezones but your alright bro. Lastly but not least Graken. Though you were gone from us for like two months and I should've well done stuff to you! :0) But you came back and better finish remaining of your levels. It was an honour and pleasure playing with ya'll. Wait wait..i'm not done yet. I'd like to thank mah B.B. (Aphy) Princess Jenn Jenn (Scherry :)..),Kadayn will be very much missed, but not the evil bear. :) Arwen Witch watching out for those bricks ^_^, Zoltan, Maeve,Karsh and Miss. Chefy aka Ruri. I'm very sure there was more that I didn't mentioned and I do apologize for it. Now for little showing off :D As you probably knew..yes I had the best team on Hiddenworld and I did make lot of the top 10 lists and yada yada yad..*figures its not that important* ;) *snickers* Errmm..well I'll probably come back here months to come and laugh at how corny this really is so I better conclude this. I want to thank you all for making this game be fun for me and I wish you all good luck. As for me.. *Goes to nearby lake for some skinny-dipping as he has an eternity to do so*