Hall of Legends - Mandrake

On 2004/05/02, Mandrake decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level727
Characterevil human rogue

At last! After years of constant mouseclicking, Mandrake has finaly made it in to the hall of legends! And, on the journey, I have made many friends, and many enemies (well, the later only in game, I hope). So… I would like to thank Jackson and Kadayn, and all members of RAS riders for helping me when I was on the verge of anihilation, and for your advice, support, and ofcourse, resses ;) Also, Zoltan, thanks for helping me with money, and being my best HW friend throughout the game (dont forget our conquest of Zalta :P). Also, a thank to Aphrodite for granting me PG back then, and the knights (especialy Kadayn for taking me seriously) for granting me nobility back then aswell. Also, Heeroyuy, it was fun playing with you. Alexis, you sure made it more fun to play for a while ;). My swedish HW friend Venom, to bad you didnt make it :p. And, Thunderking, there ya go, you are mentioned now. Also, Kainda, you fooled me so completely, but hey it was fun :) also when you played Nakaya. Also, Eleanore, you were the only whife for Mandrake ;). Also a thank to everyone else who helped me throughout the game. And Shyn, I never stood by your side in the uppraisings against you, and you might even know why, if you even remember me, that is. That was all from the mightiest Swede in Hiddenworld, youll see more of me in the future. And now for my only charakter, Mandrake. Im proud of you Mandrake, truly worthy of being played by me. Blessed be, folks, peace favour your paths. Mandrake Is leaving (old school style, eh Zolt :p) as a Warlock from the north. ~Mandrake