Hall of Legends - Robbo

On 2007/05/12, Robbo decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level800
Characterevil troll priest

I'm going to take this opportunity to thank Nick for such a good game. I'd also like to thank the community for making this game worth playing through various RPs, Rivalries and Boards. Also thanks to the many players that i encountered and a few select people :) - Daimonicus, Bottle Gnome, Shyn,Vlad, Strafe, Kiri, Ryvn, Morgoth, Kadayn, Jackson, Storme, gester and Mithos ;) (Any names not mentioned, i do apologise!) I've played this game for a while now, and feel that the time is appropriate for me to leave. I may return who knows? I'm honoured to have been on great teams such as The Feldar Below and Warlords of Shaolin. Both on different levels, but both great teams. I did wish to rebuild WoS and reclaim the number 1 spot before my departure, but sadly I didn't have the time. I have many memories of this game, recent and old. I'm not going to discuss how much money i earned, Nor how much i gave away :p As you can tell, i didn't actually plan a leaving speech heh. I wish the bartenders the best of luck heh. I started this game as a child and have grew up with it. I leave as King. Good bye all :)