Hall of Legends - Schattengeist

On 2006/11/18, Schattengeist decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level431
Characterevil orc priest

Well, the time has come for Schattengeist to finally enter the hall of fame. He is my first char to enter the hall, but not my first char to reach lvl 100 or the first char I created. However he possible is the char of mine with the biggest record in the game. With Schattengeist also the team Duality ceases to exist. The team was ranked 3rd in the list for a long time only beaten by Burning Rage and Majestic Warriors. It's no shame for me to be second behind Wildfire/Majestic, who is certainly the most active player this version of HW has seen so far. He definitively deserves his spot and to have rivaled with him was great fun. As I put Schattengeist into the hall Duality has a record of 1529 teamwins vs. 493 losses. The team lasted 966 days which is a bit more than 2 and a half years. Quite a decent score and a mark younger upcoming teams can aim to beat. Have fun in doing this! At this place I want to say some thanks to other players, which played important roles in Schattengeists HW life: Starshadow: loyal teammate, who joined Duality after he reached lvl 100 to aid the team in its strife for glory. Wildfire/Majestic and Sac: for being the main competitors. It was great fun to battle with you for the top, even though Duality never could take the leading position from you. and most important: Voncris: co-founder of Duality and most valued companion on the long journey to lvl 100 and the fight for the teamcrown. He had to leave HW some time before me and was the first char in the hall, who was king of Feldar. Thanks as well to all other players and especially to Nick for making HW the great game it is! I will continue to enjoy the game, only from now on on a smaller scale. See you around everyone! Ect