Hall of Legends - Avelyn

On 2005/11/24, Avelyn decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
Her spirit remains, though, and her deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level718
Charactergood human priest

I have many accomplishments when it comes to the time I have spent in this land: Being one of few to go beyond 60 levels on the top learners list, Being a Queen, a Wife (Emichra and Avelyn * married in Waterford on 2003/12/15. =P ), a Dedicated Follower , and a Proud Leader (Angels of Despair). I owe a huge thanks to my trusted mates from over the past few years: Gun Griffin, vicious Onslaught (:P), SharaZae, Wildfire, Sac Daebreak, Creusa, the brilliant Emichra, and of course, Torm Darkhammer / Shyn Mryshyl to whom I owe epically for giving me the inspiration and strength to never give up. A huge thanks to Emi for giving me the constant challenge and pleasure of RP at the Inn as did Roland, Julian Nevski, Tari Celebrindal. True magic is neither black nor white- Good and Evil, black and white; it is within the heart of the person. I leave now with nothing but good faith and my blessings onto you as this is only the end of chapter one. ~Avelyn