Hall of Legends - Kao Ken

On 2013/04/21, Kao Ken decided to leave the Hiddenworld behind.
His spirit remains, though, and his deeds are sung by friend and foe alike.


Days To Level729 days
Charactergood half-elf priest

I've been considering halling this character for the longest time now. When I first created this character, I created him with the intent of just seeing what the priest class was like. I never really cared for this class. I mainly wanted to just get this character to Lv100 to say that I've leveled every class in the game. I eventually committed to playing with this character and teammed up with Callie for the first 20, maybe 30 levels. That team did not last due to our differences and I teammed up with Stella all the way to Lv100. It's a shame that Stella vanished and auto-deleted. I really hope she is doing alright. She's awesome and was a cool friend at that. Kinda cute too, but I digress... In saying this, I have achieved my goal of leveling every character type in the game. I have two versions of Mandark (one rouge and one mage) in the hall; and I also halled Maverick (ranger), Numbskull (barbarian), Prodigy (paladin), Blood Falcon (fighter), Mandarin Darkheart (rogue), and now Kao Ken (priest). As a player, I will try to stick around and be active, even though life takes its toll now and then. However, this character deserves to be placed among the legends where he belongs. I now understand how horrifically cheesy a priest can be. Fair well to Kao.